Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Commercial Diver Crossover to PADI Divemaster

Commercial Divers without the doubt are among the most qualified and with highest level of diving skills out there. When the hard work pays off and the time comes why not think of another career change within the diving industry and become Professional Divemaster or Instructor? PADI recognises the skills and experience of commercial divers however dealing with recreational divers and dive emergencies that might arise commercial divers need to learn a new set of skills to safely enjoy and supervise those recreational divers. To crossover, proof of any diving certifications (commercial or military) beyond the entry level and at least 20 logged dives are required to get the equivalent rating of PADI Advanced Diver. The next step is going to be a Rescue Diver assessment and the best way to do it is actually participate in the whole Rescue Course during which commercial divers will be dealing with typical emergency situations that recreational divers may face. CPR and First Aid training from the last 24 months is required prior to the Rescue Course. After that PADI Divemaster Course begins during which candidates learn how to assist instructors with dive courses, polish their diving skills to high quality demonstration level and help dive staff with certified divers during their fun diving trips all over Mactan and nearby islands of Cebu. All PADI Divemaster Courses are run exclusively by PADI Master Instructor and TDI Instructor Greg Maciejowski who has been living and teaching recreational and technical diving courses in the Philippines since 2005.

Prerequisites to get PADI Advanced Diver rating

  • proof of certification beyond entry level + minimum 20 logged dives
Prerequisites for Divemaster
  • Rescue Diver, 40 logged dives, CPR & First Aid Training in the last 24 months
  • medical statement signed by doctor from the last 12 months
Duration of the Divemaster Course
  • 3-4 weeks
Divemaster Internship

For newly certified divemasters Kontiki Divers offers free, unpaid internship for 1-2 months. During this internship all new DIVE PROs will be gaining more realistic, hands on experience at the dive center under supervision of our experienced dive staff. 

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