Monday, September 29, 2014

FREE Scuba Makeover

TDI Instructor Greg Maciejowski from Kontiki Divers is offering FREE Scuba Makeover experience for certified divers from any agency at any level who have difficulty with buoyancy, equipment and gaps in understanding dive theory. Sometimes student divers are rushed thru courses and have no chance to properly master all the underwater skills or understand how things work. Having the right knowledge and apply that knowledge is the only way to really take the most out of scuba diving. Sometimes it is just a matter of proper weight distribution or dive gear set up and sometimes problem could be more of a psychological nature like fear of drowning due to poor swimming skills. Whatever is the reason, Scuba Makeover will help you better understand all the aspects of diving. This half day experience includes basic theory review and 1 confined dive during which Greg will try to identify problems and give solutions.


  • certified diver of any age and agency
  • proof of certification required
  • basic dive theory overview
  • equipment configuration
  • 1 confined dive (problem finding & solutions)
  • scuba makeover - FREE
  • equipment rental - PHP380.00, full set incl. tank
  • divers with own equipment - PHP100.00 for the tank
  • facility fee - PHP100.00 per diver
  • half day
Please email for more details and schedule

IMPORTANT: Scuba Makeover is not a refresher course. Divers with many years without diving should do Scuba Review during which all basic dive theory and all basic diving skills are reviewed.